I've gone and built myself a website. Take a look about.



A graduate in Computer Game Development I am highly technically-minded, able to problem solve enthusiastically and innovatively.

Working within the Library (IT Service) at the University of Glasgow I work competently as an individual and as a key member of a dynamic, fast-paced team.

My ability to think quickly and adapt to new situations, combined with my organisational and time-keeping skills has resulted in me being given tasks which require a significant degree of self-management.

This website is built using XHTML, CSS, PHP and JQuery. It was written in Notepad++. The PHP is used to template content, menus and the loading of scripts.

The JQuery plugin Scroll-to handles the loading of the content. The design of the page was created by Eve McConnachie (I'm a builder, not a graphic artist) and converted from psd by myself.

The Flickr page was built using a customised plugin originally called Flickrush.

I have employed the 960 Grid System by Nathan Smith.